Basement Waterproofing


Interested in having a basement converted? 

At Marsden Damp Services, we are are passionate about converting even the darkest, wettest basements into amazing habitable spaces. 

We used a Type C Waterproofing system, which uses Cavity Drain Membrane, the most modern and effective method on the market. 

If you have a basement and are wondering what can be done with it, please don’t hesitate to call us for an informal discussion. Should you wish to take things further, we can arrange to come out and survey the basement, then provide options and costs for you based on your requirements. 

What type of basements can be converted? 

We can convert just about any basement into an amazing occupied space. We have converted everything from small storage areas in mid terrace houses, split level buildings suffering from water ingress, right up to hotel spas, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants. 

What projects have been carried out previous by Marsden Damp Services? 

We have installed successful waterproofing systems to the following, just to name a few – 

  • Bell’s Chip Shop, Durham 
  • Marco Polo’s Restaurant, Newcastle 
  • Gosforth Marriott Hotel Spa, Newcastle 
  • Green Dragon Museum, Teesside
  • Washington Arts Centre, Washington 
  • The Vestry Pub (now the Albert), Sunderland 

We are currently about to begin work to Gershwins restaurant in Newcastle. 

We have included some pictures of our work below. Please do call us to discuss, how we could carry out a stunning conversion to your unused space. 

We recently visited a client in Wolsingham, who had a damp, unused basement, with just a concrete floor and bare brick walls. Our highly gifted technicians managed to convert the basement into an amazing living space, with the pictures shown below, as to how the room looks now. A stunning transformation.  

The following pictures were taken from Gosforth Marriott Hotel Spa. The spa is on a split level, we installed a waterproofing system to deal with the ingress.