Having Survey Done FAQ

I am buying/selling a home and the surveyors report says I have damp. What happens next?

The surveyor who carried out the inspection has found reason to suspect there is a problem with damp in the property. By referring to us, he is referring you to a specialist, in the same way as going to a doctors complaining of a problem, and being referred to a specialist.

What makes you a specialist?

Our surveys have over 25 years experience, and are fully CSRT qualified. Also, see our awards and accreditations as proof of the high level of quality we have in our company. We are also members of the Property Care Association. We have a highly trusted and valued reputation in the North East of England.


How long does the survey usually take?

We can usually carry out your survey within 1-5 working days, depending on the area your property is in. A survey takes approximately 30 minutes to carry out. You will usually receive the report within 1-3 working days.

I don’t live in the property,  how would you get access?

We are more than happy to contact somebody on your behalf, whether it be an estate agent to collect keys, a tenant, or whoever else we may need to contact. Our reputation in the area makes it easy for us to arrange, and you will most likely find if you are dealing with a buying/selling agent they will have dealt with us before.

What happens after you have done the survey?

We will send you a full professional report, detailing our findings along with any necessary drawings. The preferred method is to email this to you, but we can also post.

Can you investigate other works while you are there?

Of course, please see the “Our Services” section of our website.