Having Work Done FAQs

How long do damp proofing works take to carry out?

Works usually have to be done over at least two days. Some smaller jobs can be done in two half days, while some jobs can take a week. A full damp proof course, installed to an average 3 bed semi would take 3-4 days from start to finish.

I need to have a damp course installed, how much of a disturbance are the works?

While the works are in progress it is inevitable that there will be some disturbance and some mess, however our technicians all carry carpet protection, dust protection, hardwood floor protection and other equipment necessary to keep the job as tidy as possible. We have enviable and valued reputation for our cleanliness, with most of our clients left pleasantly surprised by the level of mess being a lot less than they expected. Dust settlement after the completion of works is unavoidable, and it usually takes a week or two to stop, although ventilating the property hurries this significantly.

Do you inject the bricks or the mortar beds?

The mortar beds. Injecting the bricks will lead to a failure as the rising damp will by pass the injected DPC via the mortar beds as they are the only continuous passage up the wall structure.

How long after having a DPC installed do I have to wait before I can decorate?

This is a contentious issue. The answer given is generally 6months. I have long believed that the period can be greatly reduced to 3-6 weeks provided that the area is painted using a water based emulsion (strictly not vinyl paint or wall paper applied). The water based paint allows the wall to breathe and dry out. The worst that can happen is that some flaking may occur. The wall can then be brushed and patched up. We are happy to advise on individual contracts as to the best course of action. I would advise on waiting 6 months before applying wall paper.

I have had damp proofing work carried out recently, but the plaster is not drying out/has come back in certain places?

This is nothing to worry about. When we install a damp proof course we apply a thick coat of sand/cement render, and a very thin coat of finish. The finish dries out very quickly, however the render takes several months to dry out. The finish plaster is still in contact with the wet render, so can either dry and become re-wet from the render, giving the impression damp has returned, or being in contact with the wet render will not allow it to dry, giving the impression the damp hasn’t gone away. This is a normal part of the drying out process. It is common for this to happen in patches, which is where water can pool or the render in those patches, for whatever reason, is retaining more moisture. Please allow your work at least 6 months to dry out before contacting us.